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We have entered an exciting partnership with COK – the Danish municipalities' and regions nationwide organisation for training and development – to spread the use of Employee Development Planning in Danish councils and municipals. has been developed by HR professionals with state-of-the-art knowledge within this area.

The package contains the following elements. For more information, please click a subject:

Online EDP tools which form the basis for a quality conversation – including questions, graphical overview, follow-up activities and more.

Makes it easy to get an overview, develop and implement action plans for both professional and personal competences.

A tool used to handle all aspects relating to groups and teams. Evaluation, talent development, meetings, minutes etc.

Workplace assessment
Based on a framework of questions recommended by the Danish Working Environment Service. Easy to adapt and edit to make it fit precisely to your company.
Sick absence
Dialogue, agreements and handling processes and time frame relating to sick absence.

Advanced CV
At manager level, allows you to search for qualifications and to contact employees by means of a single click.
Competence development
Value for money when investing in
your employees’ competence development?
Focus on: before, during and after.
Here, you will get excellent help during this process

Bonus: Conduct your own job satisfaction survey or employee satisfaction survey in the system. Read more

Pearls of wisdom for EDP Managers. Read




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  • EPD questions.
    The EDP form comes with a number of questions divided into 5 themes. To see the questions in the EDP form: Click here
    Great help to dive further into EDP, manager support for interview: Click here
  • Price: ONLY DKK 1,799. First year including setting up: DKK 2,199.
    for setting you up as a client ad license for the first year, which covers one manager/one team with up to 30 employees the price is  DKK 2,199. After that, the price per year is DKK 1,799 + VAT. Read more.
  • 13 minutes!
    Watch 2 videos, which last 13 minutes each and which provide you with a short presentation of what has to offer you.
    Video 1: EDP and competence web. Click here
    Video 2: TDP, workplace assessment, sick absence dialogue and advanced CV. Click here
  • EDP in different languages
    We can handle EDP frameworks of questions in many languages – simultaneously! Click here.